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Monday, September 18, 2017

How to set up Cortana on Window’s computer


If you are interested in Siri on the IPhone and you want to be able to use her on your computer, you are just in luck. On Window 10, you have access to Cortana, which is Microsoft version of Siri. To enable Cortana. Cortana is loccated above the search box on the right of the Start icon. In order for you to be able to use Cortana, you must first enable the microphone on your computer. You can do that by going to settings with is located a little above the start icon that has the shape of a gear. By clicking on it, you will be taken to windows settings menu where you can manage all settings related to Cortana. The Microphone option should be labeled as “microphone." Click on the “Get started” button located right under the microphone option.  It will start to detect your mic and then go through the wizard which will check the volume and make sure the mic is working properly. After that is finish, you will be able to enable the rest of the mic options. One will go by the name “hey Cortana” which will allow you to say hey Cortana and then be able to ask any question. When the feature is enabled, it will ask you to turn on speech recognition, which will send your voice input to Microsoft to improve their speech systems. This option is not recommended, so if you feel you want to have your voice recorded and sent to Microsoft, you can simply choose the "Maybe later." Some other options that are related toward Cortana would be to let Cortana respond to everyone or just you, give Cortana access to your calendar, email message and other data when the device is locked. Some useful options would be the reminder, Alarm, and the list feature. If you use Spotify to listen to music, you can use Cortana to play music for you. Once you have started using Cortana, the search box will show up on the entire screen for full-screen result. Overall, Cortana is for people who are mostly on their computer rather their phone.

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